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Thank you for visiting the website. I hope that you will enjoy the web site, and find the information both interesting, helpful, informative, and easy to use.

As you might already know this website is exclusively about Genealogy and Family History in Denmark, and the aim is to help YOU find the information you need for your family history research. The site provide research guides on Danish history, emigration, surnames, and places as well as tools, online resources and other useful information. It is the hope that this information will take your research a step further. This website does not itself hold searchable resources such as vital records, census lists etc.>

It is the intention that the content is so accurate and reliable as possible. However, inaccuracies or typographical errors etc. may occur and I will do my best to update and maintain the information and data on the site as often as necessary.

All information on the site are been provided on a non-profit basis. The site is here to help YOU, not to make money or with some kind of hidden agenda.

Restructured website / recent changes is the fifth edition of a website first launched in September 1999 by me, Anders Buch-Jepsen, as I earlier—through helping several hundreds of family historians with smaller or larger research problems/questions over the years—became aware of the need to provide information about genealogy, family history and related topics to English speaking family historians.

The website has been restructured on Jan. 20, 2013 and most pages have been updated and republished. A few pages and features have not yet been updated, have been deleted or changed significantly, but when completed, all information from the former website should be available along with several new articles and features. Adding new information is an ongoing process, but will be added depending of inspiration and/or extra spare time.

As for design and features there are changes both large and small. The software running the website have been updated the new and latest version providing you—the user—better functionality and—for me the administrator—better safety.

Please enjoy,

Anders Buch-Jepsen

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